The Hardest part in wring a letter is starting.

Here are some very helpfulf links to site about how to write to Congress. We have found them usefull over the years.

These tips will apply to anyone you would like to get action from, even when you write a notice of disagreement in your claim.

Letters That Can Help Operation Forgotten Warrior

Just like in Operation Desert Storm we need to work together as a team and by us all working and send in letters we just may make a different as we did to get the laws on our illness. The letters that we will be sending in will ask for some very simple things and we will do it one letter at a time..

Why, you might ask. Well it is simple, if your letter on any subject is over one page it will not get read for the full details. Only a quick look over, and they will, or may address what hey might pick out at a passing. If you ask for everything in one letter it can get lost. By keeping the letter to one topic you can keep the focus on just that.

So always remember that the powers that be do not read anything more than one ore two paragraphs. So a letter should never be more than that.

We ares still working on examples of other letters for other parts of this operation. As in any battle plan you need to do one attack at a time.

We want action on these----


Sample Letter asking for help in getting to the WRIISC.