A Guide Specializing in the “Toxic effects” of todays battle field for all veterans who was deployed since August 1990.

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Undiagnosed Illness Claim (UDX)

Updated November, 2017 V3.0

Distribution and Disclaimer

Gulf War Illness (GWI) is a generic term for a variety of medical problems which will be discussed in detail.  This guide is not a review of the protocols for medical treatment of GWI; that goal is all too elusive.  The primary purpose of this guide is to assist the veteran -- who believes he or she is afflicted with GWI -- with procedures for filing a claim for disability with the Department of Veterans Affairs and enhancing the probability of success in that endeavor.

  Gulf War Illness is not something you can claim under 38 USC 1117.  GWI is only a term to describe the symptoms veterans have from their service in the Gulf War.  The VA and DOD are working on a case definition for it to be diagnosed as medically unexplained chronic multi-symptom illness, but this has not happened yet.  It should be done soon.

  The contents of this guide are for informational purposes only.  Every effort is made to achieve accuracy, but neither the National Gulf War Resource Center, Inc. nor its principals assume responsibility for the accuracy or veracity of the information contained herein. 

  This guide is distributed freely to veterans, Veteran Service Organizations, accredited VA Agents, lawyers, and others interested in helping those who are ill, injured, or disabled due to the Gulf War.  Any other use requires the written authorization of the National Gulf War Resource Center (NGWRC) or sources used in this guide.

ALL veterans need to work closely with Department of Veterans Affairs accredited representatives when filing their claims and any follow-up appeals.  The regulation is always changing, and your VSO should be taking classes to be current.  Do not let your claim get denied due to some bad advice given by the “untrained advocates” who are giving out their “personal opinion” and not the current regulation/laws on the internet.  It is very hard to fix errors in the claim once the decision is made, so use this guide with your trained VSO Rep, agent, or lawyer.  If you are planning to start a new claim or planning to reopen a claim, you need to go to the section in “Intent to File” and get this done before reading anything else in this guide

Thank you one and all, 
James A. Bunker, Executive Director & VA Accredited Claims Agent.